ost to pst conversion

The topic for today is what OST to PST conversion is. Today we are going to talk about OST to PST conversion process and why it is needed.

Second thing that we will discuss about is OST and PST. What are they and how they are converted?

What are OST and PST?

Firstly, I will tell you about OST PST files.

Read till the end to get the full details. Here we go. –

OST file

OST full form is Offline Storage tables.  You can access it easily. In this types of file format you need to take care of your data as it can be viewed by anyone.

You can even use them Offline which means when there is no server available you can also use it. You can take it as an advantage.

There are no limitations for sending data. When your server is restored, your mail is forwarded and the process ends.

Data is saved on the mail server. Mails get synchronized when the server is online.
Most of us use this type of format.

PST file

PST file stands for the Personal Storage table. As the name suggests the data here is personal and the data is secured. It is difficult for others to access your data in this format.

There are three formats available for these kind of files. They are. –

  1. None – Your file will be saved in the normal format.
  2. Compressed – Your file will be saved in the compressed format.
  3. Highly Compressed – Your file will be saved in the highly compressed format.
    Our team of professionals is working on to search for the best format which can be user friendly and compatible with the device.

Now the Question is why conversion is needed and OST is preferred over the PST files?

Benefits of OST to PST conversion tool


OST to PST file conversion provides high security for your data. Your private information will be protected from hackers, virus and any tupe (PROOFREAD)of damage.

This is the main advantage of it as security is a big issue in this digital technology.


You can save your storage as the file which is converted is smaller in size. The size does not affect the quality and quantity of the data but it surely saves the space.


It provides high compatibility with the device. As the format of the PST files are compatible with the device. Your file will easily be loaded and thus saves your time.


The files converted are reliable.

User Friendly

The tool is user friendly and helps you to operate the files very easily.

All these features are difficult to find in one tool. We understand this problem and suggest you to use the trail version of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ which is designed by keeping all the above mentioned points in mind.

ost to pst conversion

Get the ost to pst conversion tool

You can use the trail version and if you found it useful you can upgrade it. Here is the link to download the trail version – https://www.ostextractorpro.com

Get the ost to pst converter free trial for ost to pst conversion.

So I have cleared all the points why OST to PST conversion is required. Even though, if you have any doubt you can tell us. It will be great to have feedback from you so that we can improve our services.


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