Has an internet search for a Thunderbird to PST converter landed you here? If it has, you should be glad because your search ends here. This article will help you gain awareness of an extremely efficient Thunderbird to PST converter – Mail Extractor Pro.

Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac OS

Mail Extractor Pro is a mail conversion tool that has been developed to extract the files from several mailing clients and further to covert those files to PST file base. Let’s talk about the specific mailing client at hand-Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is an excellent mailing client that provides features like news feed, chat, email, etc. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to use a more elaborate and extensive software like Microsoft Outlook.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

The problem with changing a mailing client is that the files aren’t directly usable due to the difference in formats of the files. This necessitates use of a mail conversion tool. Thunderbird to PST conversion is a complex process and therefore you need the best Thunderbird to PST converter in the industry.

Convert Thunderbird to PST

An easy lesson for converting Thunderbird to PST using Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro has extensive and complex algorithms that run in the background to provide you a smooth conversion experience. Here is a simplified step-by-step guide to sail you through the process of converting Thunderbird to PST files.

How to Convert Thunderbird to PST

How to convert Thunderbird to PST

  1. The first and foremost action is to install the Thunderbird to PST converter on your system. Once that is done, launch the tool to begin with the conversion process.
  2. You will be able to see a box that says ‘Thunderbird/Postbox: Load’. Click on that button to start loading the file database that you want to convert.
  3. You will be given two options to load the data. These are auto-load and open (manual-load). Although auto-load is the best way of uploading the files in one go, some people might prefer to load the files by choosing them from specific destinations. Choose the option that fits your preference and complete loading the files.Thunderbird to PST
  4. All the files and folders uploaded will appear on the screen at this point. Select or de-select the boxes against the files that you want to convert from Thunderbird to PST as per your requirement.
  5. You get an option to set the PST file size. Utilize this option and set the files size at not more than 15GB to ease up the further use of the converted PST files.
  6. Once the data has been sorted, select a location wherein you would like the converted files to be saved.
  7. Next, if you are satisfied with the uploaded data at all levels, click on ‘convert’ to begin the Thunderbird to PST conversion process. The progress of this conversion can be seen in the log report.
  8. Once the log report reaches 100%, that’s when your files are ready for use.

Download Thunderbird to PST Converter

Get it here: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

As can be seen, the process of converting Thunderbird to PST is quite easy. After the completion of the above mentioned process, if you want to export Thunderbird to PST file, just go to the saved location and get your output file from there.


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