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Yes, OST recovery can be a simple and easy process. Though, the task is fraught with uncertainties but it has been made easy and possible by one company – USL software.

USL software is known for producing award winning email converter tools. For OST recovery process, it has produced one of a kind tool which can make the process extremely easy. This tool is OST Extractor Pro.

ost recovery

The OST Recovery Reinvented

OST Extractor Pro has been designed on the flawed premise of many tools which claimed to provide OST recovery process. After meticulous research and amazing conceptualization, OST Extractor Pro has been equipped with all the amazing tools it can require to perform a complete OST recovery.

OST Extractor Pro focuses on the basics. It executes the task of OST recovery easily, makes the task simple for customers with the help of its graphical user interface, converts OST files to any format customers desire and does all that in no time at all. From speed to smoothness, it has everything.

ost recovery process

Salient features of OST Extractor Pro

Simple user interface

OST Extractor Pro makes OST recovery a delight for its customers with the help of its user interface. This highly interactive and user-friendly interface allows customers to recover their OST files without breaking a sweat. The self-explanatory wizards of OST Extractor Pro make OST recovery a cakewalk. Anyone from a professional to a layman can recovery their OST files with the help of OST Extractor Pro.

Comprehensive recovery

OST Extractor Pro understands the anatomy of modern mails. It understands how many small elements make up a mail today. From nested mails to embedded images to attachments, the tool recovers every part of OST database. It has been prepared with this vital understanding of modern mails so that it does not leave any content behind in conversion processes.

Multiple options for output

OST Extractor Pro is a versatile tool. It can not just convert OST files to PST format but to other formats too like that of EML, MBOX or apple mail archive’s format. This helps customers in saving money and time. They don’t need to procure different tools to convert their OST files to other formats.

Bulk conversions

OST Extractor Pro can convert files in bulk. It employs batch strategy which helps it in converting any size of OST database to customers’ desired formats. This strategy also allows it to not compromise speed and quality of conversion. Every file in the database is converted without any distortion.

Size allocation

OST Extractor Pro allows its customers to allocate size of the files to be converted. As PST is naturally a bigger file than OST, it can end up eating a lot of space. Therefore, OST Extractor Pro allows customers this vital option of allocating the file size of to convert database beforehand.

OST Recovery Free trial version

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which you can know the tool better. It has the option to make customers understand the importance of a professional tool like OST Extractor Pro. Once satisfied, customers can make the investment necessary to get the license of OST Extractor Pro.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

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Download the ost recovery free trial version of OST Extractor Pro right now!


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