What to do, if you can not open OST file in Outlook?

What is OST?

OST is short for ‘Offline Storage Table’ which is a variant of another popular file format called PST, short for Personal Storage Table. Microsoft Outlook employs OST format to store data for various purposes, one of which is self-evident in its name: OST lets users work with data even offline.

What is PST?

However, with other types of operations or activities, it’s the PST file format that needs to be used. Because OST is a file that makes Outlook function with data accessing and manipulation, but it’s a rather internal property of the client and the file. Users cannot make use of OST file in a more manual or unconventional approach. There are few things you can do with OST, but that’s not its typical or intended feature.

The defferences

For instance, you cannot archive your data to OST file. When you add an email client to Outlook, the client will automatically download your emails from the servers into an OST file. It syncs with the servers with all the changes you make to the data. Similarly, you cannot just copy that OST file and import it into another Outlook client on a different computer.

If you delete your OST file, and launch Outlook again the next time, it will download the data again into OST file. But if you delete the email account itself, the OST file left behind is of no use. And that’s what often happens in many cases where a user has to leave an organization and wants to take his database of emails with him. In that case, it’s paramount to download or backup data in PST file. So you can restore it later in another Outlook installation.

But that’s not what happens.

How to Open OST file in Outlook

You are probably here reading this post because for some reason you have OST file with you but no way to open it in Outlook. Because it’s not technically possible. There are reasons for such a case to arise like corruption or damage to the database.

All such unfortunate incidents where you are stuck with an inaccessible OST file, the only solution is to convert it to PST.

And yet, if OST to PST conversion is the last option you have, it still remains a complex and tiresome process to go through that file conversion. Because the varying nature of both files makes it hard. For any conversion utility to get the data extract correctly without errors. There are dozens of OST to PST converters that claim to convert the data across both formats. But their improper algorithms and non-friendly interfaces and many other problems associated with the core programming of the application in itself make that conversion a nightmare.

To Open OST file in Outlook, You need OST to PST Converter

What you can expect from an ordinary, generic OST to PST converter is lots of data integrity errors; you can find plenty of missing components associated with all kinds of email databases, such as images, attachments, metadata, headers, folder hierarchy, Unicode text, MIME defined content, nested emails, text formatting, HTML links, and so on.

To tackle the complexity of emails and to make sure all these items are converted cleanly, you need a professional tool. That built with proper algorithms to detect everything. An OST file could store in today’s modern complex world of emails.

Ultimate one for converting OST to PST

And fortunately, that’s where “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software comes into picture.

open ost file in outlook


It has a friendly UI and a 24 x 7 tech support. It also has advanced and dedicated algorithms to convert data without compromising the data integrity. You will get everything safely converted from OST to PST.

So, maybe you can’t technically open OST file in Outlook. But “OST Extractor Pro” offers a simple solution to convert it into PST, and then import PST into Outlook. It will get all your data inside inaccessible OST file into Outlook without any efforts.

How to Open OST file in Outlook

Get it to open ost file in Outlook

Download the trial setup file here and start you ost to pst conversion. Check out all the features personally and see how efficient the tool can be for your special needs.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

OST file into Outlook

Can not open OST file in Outlook, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.


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