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Conversion of data from one format, be it with emails or not, is always a risky process if you don’t have the right help by your side to do so. And when it comes to migrate Mail to Outlook, this risk increases tenfold due to the size of the database file and the importance of data involved in the conversion process.

But as they say, only those who take risks are rewarded, email migration follows the same suite. Migrating Mail to Outlook from is the best way to convert such a large amount of data in such a less amount of time. So, you need to figure out how you are going to do so.

Migrate Mail to Outlook with third-party converters

You can go on a quest to search for the best way to migrate mail to outlook and the eventual answer that’ll come up will be, third-party converter tools. Data holds a special place in today’s online world and these tools are specifically designed to protect it.

Third-party converter tools provide you with technological support that was missing from the manual methods of migrate Mail to Outlook. These tools runs on latest algorithms, offer you the latest features and make the process of Mail to Outlook migration perfect. Seems easy right? But it’s not.

Though each third-party converter promises you all the best things in the world, but in reality only a few are able to deliver. Choosing the right converter tool becomes a very important in this situation.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software solve this dilemma for you. The tool offers you the best service when it comes to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook. Produced by the leaders in email conversion business, the tool does justice to the name of its producers.

With all the best features in the market combined together, the tool gives you a final product that can tackle everything coming its way.

migrate mail to outlook

Get the support for your Unicode data that you always wanted

The inability of previous converter tools to deal with Unicode data has always been a bottleneck situation.

Most converter tools fail at this very point, giving up on the process of migrating Mail to Outlook, this resulting in an incomplete conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro has the ability to deal perfectly with your Unicode data. The tool converts everything present in the input file and that includes the double byte Unicode data too.

The tool conserves the data characters from getting broken during the conversion process, thus helping you in retaining it all perfectly for your conversion process.

Minimize the errors while migrating Mail to Outlook with this tool

Errors in the conversion process occurs from both sides, the user as well as the tool. Mail Extractor Pro aims at eliminating both of them.

The tool supports such powerful algorithms that help in retaining all the data during the conversion process. and when it comes to manual errors it has also got some really cool features.

The tool autoloads the database file from the identity folder. This eliminates the need for manually uploading the file for the conversion process.

Less human interaction, less chances of errors occurring. Thus, making the Mail to Outlook migration more error free and refined.

migrating mail to outlook

Get your free trial today

Download the free trial of the Mac Mail to Outlook converter tool today and get started with the conversion process. It can also helps you to convert Postbox, MBOX as well as Thunderbird email to Office 365 (MS Outlook for Mac & Win).


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