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Get hold of the most painless Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool

There are things that are easy. There are things that are downright painful. And then there is OST to PST recovery or conversion, at that farthest negative extreme of the scale.

Regardless of your experience with computer, or the degree of your geekiness, dealing with the corruption of data is as hard as it can be. Restoring the damaged data to make them accessible again not only sounds daunting, but is actually much worse when one gets down to action.

OST file corruption is one of such problems that are incredibly hard to deal with. To repair the damaged data inside the corrupted OST files, we have to convert OST to PST files that are compatible with Outlook. However, no matter what method is devised for restoration, some of the data always gets permanently lost.

Until now…

The good news is that now, there is a solution – not a set of vague instructions, some incomplete app, or a weird recovery utility – but a complete software solution to restore your OST files to PST, without putting much effort into it.

This easily operable tool named “OST to PST Converter Pro”, offers an uncomplicated and sensible interface, and thorough data-processing system. Combining all of its elements, it presents the most sound-and-sure solution for one of the heavily despised jobs of OST to PST Conversion.

The tool offers a safe and gentle way to convert the files with OST extension to PST, regardless of the level of corruption in OST files. Thus, it becomes both a file converter and a repairing utility for Windows Outlook. The algorithm used can deal with high-degree of damage in a snap, and converts all of the original data to PST files without any nuisance or data variances.

The pure crux of the tool lies partly at its graphical interface. The conversion of OST to PST is performed using a brilliantly devised wizard that makes the process a pure delight. Instead of doing anything manually, the tool puts the action at autopilot after you have specified the OST files for conversion.

The two other primary features are as follows –

All of it

It encompasses everything in its recovery mechanism – emails, contacts, tasks, calendar entries, journals, notes, and distributions lists. Do not expect anything element to be left behind.

Accuracy down to the last bytes of data

It just does not encompasses all the items described above, but also every element of the item. It protects the important data attributes that is embedded with a file, without compromising the credibility of the converted PST files. The elements indexed below are some of the hardest to preserve. But this tool makes sure they are not modified, lost, or corrupted in any way.

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Non-English language content
  • Properties such as Cc, Bcc, To, Subject, From, time, and date
  • Imbedded images, and other objects, such as word docs, and excel sheets

Try it now.

Download Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool for the trial version. It works for 10 conversion for each folder. To unlock the full potential, order the full license.

Product Name: OST to PST Converter Pro

Version: 1.1

File Size: 5.27 MB

Thanking you for choosing Our Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool.


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