To open PST file in Outlook is one of the most out looked solution on the Internet these days. Everybody is looking for tools that can help them in converting their OST files into PST files. Not all kind of software can be helpful in converting your files

There are quite essential data that are available on the Internet which you cannot afford to lose. Hence making the right choice about any extracting conversion tool is very important. To save you from all the horror of losing your precious data is OST Extractor Pro. Here is a guide on how to open and process your OST files

open OST file in Outlook

How to open OST file in Outlook

To open the OST files you first need to install the OST Extractor Pro software. You can either purchase the software or if you like you can also use the trial version of the software to just get the look and feel of the software.

Once you have made the purchase or subscribe to using a free trial version you simply need to download the software on your system.

After downloading the software you will get a setup file that you need to run on your computer. After running the setup file on your computer install the software on the C drive.

Once you have done all the process of installation simply click on the shortcut icon on your desktop. After you click on the icon given on the desktop a new window will open.

Simple User Interface

The user interface of the software is quite simple for the newbies to understand. The software is quite self-explanatory and most of the task are done automatically. This way very less human interference is required. A person who does not possess a technical knowledge can also use this software quite easily.

After opening the software simply use the OST file that needs to be recovered. You can use a single file or you can also use multiple files to be recovered at the very same time. Do not worry if the file is big in size the smart algorithm of the software allows you to split the OST file into PST for fast processing.

After making the choice of OST file simply select the output format of the conversion file. That means the format in which you would like to get your PST file is to be chosen by you.

After completing all the above processes simply click on export. As soon as you click on export the recovery of the OST file to PST file will start taking place.

After few minutes you can see the progress on the screen showing you the time left for converting OST file and also the total time required for converting all your OST files to PST files.

open OST file in Outlook 2016

Get it to Open OST file in Outlook


Once all the conversion is finished there will be a dialogue box appearing on the screen showing you the success message for your recovery of OST to PST files. This is how you can open OST file in Outlook 2016 (PST file).


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