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The internet today is flooded with a number of converter tools. All guarantee you to offer the best conversion services. But that’s not true; you might get one feature in a particular tool but may not in the other. No tool is hundred percent perfect for you. Hence you need to choose very carefully when going for a free MBOX to Outlook PST converter.

Now get free MBOX to Outlook PST converter that really works

Before you start to look for a free MBOX to Outlook PST converter you first need to understand your needs. Few questions that you need to answer yourself are, is your database large that needs to be converted? Are there double-byte characters used in the communication language in the emails? Does your email contain a different kind of attachments? Is keeping folder hierarchy your priority? Is metadata conversion your key aspect?

Once you have answered all these questions you will correctly understand what you should look for in an ideal MBOX to Outlook PST converter. As the questions are given above if all these boxes get ticked then you need a tool that can perform all these tasks at the very same time.

The Mail extractor Pro: The ideal tool to export MBOX files

One such tool that is available is called the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool was developed by USL software. The developers at USL software have closely worked on its algorithm keeping in mind the market survey done. It has covered all the loopholes that were faced by the users when they came across the particular tool. They have tried to come up with the tool which is a complete package for you. No matter if you are an individual or a developer which offers such services, these tools suit the needs of all.

MBOX to Outlook PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro – Convert MBOX Files, Mac Apple Mail, Postbox and Thunderbird to Outlook (PST file).

Here are few of the features that are beautifully embedded in this tool which will help you in converting your MBOX files into Office 365 PST. These features make it the best pick for your MBOX to Outlook PST converter.

  • Double-byte character conversion- this feature comes handy for the people who use their emails in languages such as Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. All such languages that use the double-byte character for that text language can easily get converted into MBOX when using this tool.
  • Metadata conversion- a professional MBOX to Outlook PST converter must be able to understand complex data type. This means that all the attachments like presentations, Excel sheets, etc. should be easily read and understood by the tool. When converting your files from MBOX to Outlook it should easily help you extract each and every detail and convert it into its true form.
  • Batch conversion- if you have a large database to be handled, extracted and converted then your free MBOX to Outlook PST converter should be able to handle a number of MBOX files. When using MBOX client, MBOX file is difficult to get uploaded. Hence you get small segments of MBOX files. The feature of batch conversion helps you to process multiple files at the very same time. This helps you in saving time for the conversion.
free mbox to outlook pst converter

Get this tool today and experience the real power of email migration

This tool is a one-stop solution for all your needs. You can use the trial version given on their official website and make the decision for yourself for going ahead with this free MBOX to Outlook PST converter. You can upgrade to the full version when satisfied. The full version comes with free support and free updates for life.

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST

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