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OLM to PST Converter Pro is the best olm converter software you can use to export OLM files to PST without facing any difficulties. This software makes it easy to migrate your data from Mac OS Outlook to MS Outlook while ensuring your data is intact secure and unchanged.

Although both Mac OS and Windows use Outlook as their primary email client application, they handle different file extensions. Mac OS X, for example, uses OLM files while on the other hand Windows reads PST files. So, whenever you need to read your mailbox from Mac Outlook in Windows, you need to export OLM files to PST first.

export olm files to pst

The following are exciting reasons why you should Export OLM files to PST with it:

Export all your OLM mail items to PST with one click

You can export all your OLM files from Outlook for Mac to PST format for Windows MS. Outlook, this includes contacts, schedules, reminders, tasks, emails and all data files. To export all files at once, you will need to select all the data you need converting before clicking the convert option.

Export multiple files and merge selected files

This feature is important when you need to share different files in your archive. You can select the particular files and merge them into one folder so you can share it to another user or device that uses Windows OS.

Keep your original data intact

Data distortion and loss is a common problem for most third-party software. When a conversion process is initiated, some data files may be modified mixed up or get corrupted. This is not the case when you export OLM files to PST using OLM to PST Converter Pro, which secures your data including its original format, structure and metadata.

Export unlimited OLM files to PST

You can convert as much data as you wish including content on your inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts and trash folder. This feature ensures that you are can always access your data whenever and wherever you are.

Save recovered OLM Files to PST

If your email client application crushed is attacked by a virus that corrupts the data entries, you can export the inaccessible OLM files to be saved as PST file formats that can be read by Ms. Outlook for Windows.

Preview newly exported files before saving

Not sure whether you exported the correct data? OLM to PST Converter Pro allows you to preview all the exported files before saving. This ensures you do the conversion right the first time, so you don’t waste your time doing the wrong work.

Compatible with most Operating Systems

PST pro conversion utility software is very convenient as it can be used by most Windows users. To be precise, Systems running on Windows XP, 2000, 2003 Vista and Windows 7 with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 installed can use the software to swiftly export OLM files to PST and read them on their Windows Outlook program. However, you need to ensure you have installed Microsoft®.NET Framework 4.0 or an updated version the converter tool to run optimally on your computer.

Support Unicode content

You can export all Non-English OLM files to PST without distorting their structure. The converter tool is capable of preserving all Unicode formats like double-byte characters found in Japanese and Chinese content.

Available in a free trial version

You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy exporting your Outlook for Mac files to the Windows Outlook readable format. The OLM to PST conversion tool is available for free for all users to experience. Once you’ve experienced its reliable and super fast conversions, you can pay for the full version to access all the added features.

Export OLM files to PST is easier and safer

OLM to PST Converter Pro is the best solution that allows you to export easily OLM files to PST data extensions that are readable in Windows Microsoft Outlook. Instead of using the manual method that is complicated and frustrating, download this auto-transfer utility software for super fast conversions of OLM files to PST.


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