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You just moved to Windows and started using Outlook 365 as your primary email client. But for years, you were an avid user of Mac Mail in MacOS computer. The switching to a whole new platform can take some time to get used to, as you can probably see. But I guess, your biggest challenge is about the data transfer across the email clients.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 365

Getting Mac Mail mailbox folders to Outlook 365 can be tough. And with a ton of information available online, some legit, some not so much, can make it tougher for you to make up your mind and decide how you want to do it.

Therefore, we are offering this simple but comprehensive guide for beginners to migrate data like a pro.

Not Surprisingly, the guide is short. Because the tool and method recommended here avoids all unnecessary struggles that come with other methods. We are going to show you how you can do it quickly and still achieve thorough and extensive results without missing parts or errors.

How to export Mac Mail to Outlook 365

  1. The first step is to download Mail Extractor Pro. You can get the free version if you just want to follow along this guide for now and not yet ready to get the full version.
  2. Install it like you’d install any other tool by simply following the instructions. It will take no more than two minutes and there are no complex initial configuration setups.
  3. Once all is done, launch the tool. Click on “Load” next to Apple Mail, resulting in two different options for input:
    1. Autoload
    1. Or Manually load
  4. If you want to convert Mac Mail, choice ‘a’ is the best. Manual choice is for those who have only MBOX files or backup Mac Mail folders in some other location. Autoload will get your Mac Mail primary profile database selected for conversion without you having to do anything else.
  5. You can see all the Mac Mail folders in their original tree-structure/hierarchy. Uncheck any folder if you do not need to export them to Outlook 365 PST.
  6. Next, set the maximum size for the PST file to which all Mac Mail data is converted. If comes be, the tool will split the PST into smaller files.
  7. Click ‘Convert’ and wait for the tool to finish the conversion process. It might take a few minutes depending on how large your Mac Mail database is.
  8. Once finished, you can now launch Outlook in either Mac or Windows and go to File à Import à and select the converted PST files.

This is pretty much the whole process and all that you have to do.

how to export mac mail to outlook 365

Easy, Safe & Accurate

export mac mail to outlook 365

No other tool or method comes close in its simplicity and functionality than “Mail Extractor Pro.” Along with the simple method you just saw above, this program is also known for its sharp accuracy and speed. In just a few minutes, it delivers highly precise output data that is completely free of all integrity flaws or any inconsistencies. No broken graphic, no missing Unicode characters, no damaged folders, and no misplaced attachment.

export mac mail to outlook

Get free trial

For users with latest versions of Outlook (2016 and 2019), the good news is that the PST files you get with “Mail Extractor Pro” are compatible with all versions, even with the Mac Outlook. There is a free trial version for you if you want to see how it can help you in your case. The download link is below.

Download Now –

Mail Extractor Pro (A Product By USL Software) works on Mac and can also convert MBOX files, Postbox & Thunderbird to Outlook (Mac & Windows Outlook).


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