entourage rge to outlook pst

Convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST, many users experience disappointment while trying it. While there is no doubt that such failures are attributable to cheap converter tools most of the time, these might also be due to the excessive complexity of the tool.

Convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST

Tools that are developed to assist users to further convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST often fall short on either of the two traits: competency to complete the task or comprehensibility. A unique Entourage to PST converter tool that does not fail on any of these traits is Mail Passport Pro. The tool is the product of Gladwev Softwarea company well known for its line of efficient email conversion tools.

convert entourage rge to outlook pst

Mai Passport Pro takes up the job differently when compared to other tools in the market. Unlike others, this one goes on to convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST without causing any harm to the files. It not only maneuvers the conversion process in the right direction but also makes this job easy on the users with its basic interface.

In short, it can be said that with the help of this tool even a below average user gets to complete the job with utmost accuracy!

A tool to convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST without complex requirements!

The makers of Mail Passport Pro have truly created this tool to suit the needs of majority of the users. Not only is this tool the most user-friendly in its domain but is also the most easily accessible tool ever. One can simply download the free trial version of this tool directly from its website before actually buying a license key for themselves. There is no registration or sign up formality to get this version.

The basic compatibility requirements for the same are:

  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 Client profile or higher version
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 compatible. Windows Server 2008/2012 compatible
  • PST files converted using this tool are usable in Mac Outlook 2011/2016 and Windows Outlook versions 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016. These files can also be used with Windows Office 365
  • Downloadable versions for Windows 32 bit OS as well as Windows 64 bit OS

These requirements are generally met by the standard systems used by the users and thereby they are able to use this tool almost immediately to convert Entourage RGE to PST for Windows Outlook.

Free trial to convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST

What is more is that the users can utilize this demo version to test all the magnificent features of Mail Passport Pro without paying a penny for it. This version gives conversions for 10 items per folder while the fully licensed versions can give unlimited conversions.

Once the user is completely content with the conversion ability of this tool, they can go ahead and buy a license key for themselves which are further categorized as Household, Commercial, and Enterprise. The details are certainly available on the website.

In order to download the copy of the free trial version of Mail Passport Pro to convert Entourage RGE to Outlook PST, one can also click on the link here.


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