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The Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is much more than a tool for Apple mail to PST conversion. It is a complete solution to mail conversion and performs to provide maximum amount of safety possible. It is more efficient than the manual method since it has been prepared by experts and has features which serve to every possible need in mail conversion. This tool converts Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Mail Database, MBOX to PST data file format for all versions of Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 for Windows, and Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

Convert Apple Mail to PST

The features that set Mail Extractor Pro apart from all kinds of mail conversion tools

The Apple mail to PST converter in discussion is the tool to be preferred highly if you are looking for matchless security and accuracy. Let go of the complex and risky process of manual conversion and get the comfort of automated Apple mail to PST conversion with it. The tool has got several features which make conversion of Apple Mail to PST quite convenient.

Auto load the entire database:

Using this tool for Apple Mail to PST conversion would not mean having to migrate files one by one. This tool converts the entire database by employing auto load facility. It is a very convenient and time-saving method for Apple mail to PST conversion.

Preservers all email items:

This tool does not miss a single data item. Post the Apple mail to PST conversion, you get all the data items intact. Even metadata, headers etc. remain undamaged and unchanged upon using this tool.

Keeps folder hierarchy intact:

This highly accurate tool even keeps the hierarchy of the folders intact. So you will have your data arranged in the proper sequence of folder and subfolders after using this tool for Apple mail to PST conversion.

apple mail to pst

Supports Unicode:

This tool recognizes and reads non-English content too. The most usual victim of data corruption is data files having languages other than English. So you can send files in foreign languages for conversion with this tool and expect zero error. Even languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean are recognized and converted by this tool.

User-friendly GUI:

You do not need to be an expert to operate this tool and get the desired results in Apple Mail to PST conversion. This tool is quite easily installable. Also, to make sure than beginners to mail conversion do not have trouble with the process, this tool keeps the process simple. So be it an advanced user or an inexpert one, this tool is useful for everyone.

Freeware trial version available:

You can test all these features for free with the trial version of this tool. Run it to carry Apple Mail to PST conversion and see the results for yourself. If the output results fit your needs, you can go forth and purchase the full version of the software. The link to the trial and full version are provided below.

apple mail to pst converter

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