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Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion can be a really complex task. Simplifying it to a level that any user can carry it out easily requires a lot of technical prowess. This exceptional conversion solution from USL software possess that technical ability. It makes quick, smart and efficient work of your data without leaving any room for errors or bugs.

Apple Mail and Outlook: Two Giants of Email Business

Apple Mail and Outlook are currently two of the biggest email clients at work. Apple Mail runs on MacOS systems and provides its users with all the latest features and easy to use interface. The quality of support and features provided by the tool is the reason for its huge userbase.

Outlook shares the same fate on Windows based machines. The email giant has been around for some time now. It provides the users the stability and feature rich experience that makes it easier to store and manipulate the data.

Despite being so efficient in their working, sadly, there is no direct way to import the data from your apple Mail account to your Outlook account. You need to migrate your Mail data to Outlook, in order to get everything on the other side.

Mail Extractor Pro: Simplifying your Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion

To make things easier for yourself and better for your Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion, you need to make use of a third-party conversion solution. These conversion solutions are modern technology infused takes on data migration.

apple mail to outlook conversion

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the best choice to go for. This Mac Mail to Outlook converter tool not only simplifies the conversion process but ensures that you get a quality conversion process.

Large file size won’t cause any problems

The size of files storing your email data can vary up to large sizes. Due to the complexity and importance of data stored in these large files you cannot ignore them during the conversion process.

But due to the large files size they can becomes a problem for your substandard conversion solutions. First, tackling these large sized files and converting the data stored in them is never easy. And secondly, the output file produced will carry on with the same file size. Thus, that can become a problem as Outlook is incompatible with large sized PST files too.

To solve this problem the tool provides you with an inbuilt file splitter. This file splitter helps you split your output file produced into smaller files when they exceed a give size. You can manually set this size and make your Apple Mail to Outlook conversion smoother and error free.

apple mail to outlook conversion tool

Convert multiple files at Once

The tool even provides you with the facility of converting multiple files at once. It is known as Batch or Bulk Conversion. You can select all the files that you want to convert.

Once everything is selected, the tool converts all the files in a single go without any problems. This process doesn’t compromise with the quality of conversion. Hence, only speeds up your Apple Mail to Outlook conversion along with making it efficient.


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